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ProPM company is part of a network of successful business ventures, managed by a group of experienced international investors. We are proud to be part of the same family with prominent companies from Spain and South America such as Joyfasa and Delogica.


DELÓGICA is a computer engineering company whose main activity, since its founding in 1995, has been the design and development of enterprise information systems. As a company founded and largely composed of engineers, our mission is to provide our experience and technological expertise in the development and building of information system projects.

In 2010, DELÓGICA S.A.S Colombia is constituted, a Spanish-Colombian society, with the participation of the Colombian society DICO Telecommunications, and other prestigious partners in the IT sector.

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JOYFASA is a real estate development comoany, created in 1988 with the vision to grow business with its own resources and little debt. After almost three decades, the company's mission and vision have not changed. This has allowed us to overcome the crisis of the early 90s and the one emerged in 2008 as if they were mere colds and not some fatal diseases. Even more so, we have not contributed to the formation of the infamous housing bubble.

As a result, our land bank for future developments is characterized by its excellent location and zero debt so we can ensure that future crises to come, also pass as simple colds.

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